Greubel Forsey Art Piece 2 Automatic Men's Watch-GBF00005

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Brand : Greubel Forsey

Movement : Manual winding
Case material : Red gold
Bracelet material : Crocodile skin
Gender : Men's watch
Movement : Manual winding


Availability: In stock


Refrence Code : GBF00005
Brand : Greubel Forsey

Housed in the case, an optical instrument allows the viewer to see a nano-engraved sketch of the Double Tourbillon 30º mechanism, Greubel Forsey’s first invention. This forms a subtle mise en abyme effect of the object within itself, given that this emblematic mechanism itself operates at the heart of this new timepiece. This original artwork was engraved by a secret process on a sapphire tablet.

The first impression, is above all a showcase for the artistry that characterises this timepiece, in which the indication of time becomes of secondary importance and resembles a sort of conjuring trick. It is in fact necessary to activate a pusher that controls a bistable shutter mechanism in order to obtain an indication of the hours and minutes.

We rediscover here 
the spirit that was already at work in the Invention Pieces, through which Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey developed for the first time the idea that a timepiece, rather than being just a simple watch, could become the distillation of an idea, and above all a means of artistic expression.